PunchOut Integration Development

Whether you are a Seller looking to expand your business to the B2B eProcurement world or a Buyer looking to implement and manage an internal marketplace for your eProcurement ecosystem, our team of experts in B2B can help your company by implementing a turnkey B2B eCommerce website capable of connecting to most eProcurement systems using the well-known and established PunchOut Catalog solution, our PunchOut Catalog solution will provide you with the technological capabilities to shift your eProcurement experience plus the reporting and insight you will need to meet your goals.

What is a PunchOut Catalog?

Different to regular B2C eCommerce website, a PunchOut catalog is an eCommerce website capable of connecting with your Buyer’s eProcurement solution. This gives them ability to securely browse among your products or services, see custom content & pricing, and bringing a cart back to their eProcurement solution to place an order. Implementing a PunchOut Catalog enables your company to secure new deals in the B2B world.

How does it work?

In todays B2B world, most buyers won’t even consider doing business with a supplier that is not “PunchOut Ready”, implementing a new PunchOut Catalog requires 2-3 months of Web development and a team of IT Professionals to manage, maintain and adjust it to the large list of eProcurement solutions out there such as SAP Ariba, Coupa, Jagger, PeopleSoft etc. This makes it hard and expensive for a company to implement a PunchOut.

Being experts in the subject, we can provide you with a turnkey PunchOut Catalog solution ready to go with our SaaS Subscription model, you will instantly get the technology you need so you can focus on your product offering, this is by far the most cost-effective way to grow into the B2B world and become “PunchOut Ready”.

PunchOut Marketplace for Buyers

While other PunchOut Providers designed their platforms dedicated to single suppliers trying to meet their buyers’ requirements, we are the only company with the flexibility and experience leveraging the PunchOut technology supported by eProcurement solutions exclusively providing what we call a Multi-Supplier “PunchOut Marketplace for Buyers”.

We all know the challenges of Static (CIF) catalogs: Maintenance hassles, out of date content/pricing, slow to update and validation errors. What if you can leverage the versatility of a PunchOut Catalog without losing the control of the content coming from multiple suppliers? That’s exactly what you get with the PunchOut Marketplace! Regain control of the content, control access to subsidiaries or sister companies sharing negotiated prices, get usage reporting and give end users a consistent best in class eCommerce shopping experience across your multiple eProcurement ecosystem.

Elliptic Marketing PunchOut Integration diagram

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