Designing an email takes time, which is why you want to make sure that your emails are performing positively. In Elliptic, we offer detailed reports with all email campaigns. These are a few of our reporting features:

Delivery and Bounces

This is the first part of your reports and includes the number of emails that were successfully delivered and the numbers of emails that bounced, that is, the number of emails that did not reached its destination.

Opens and Clicks

Once an email is successfully delivered to one of your subscribers, we use an invisible graphic to track every time that email is opened. In addition to tracking how many of your emails are opened, we can also track which links are clicked by your subscribers. We can even add a tracking code to integrate with Google Analytics.

Subscriber Activity

If you want to know more about which customers are interacting with your emails, you can use our subscriber reports to see who is opening and clicking on your emails. You can use this information to follow up with interested customers.

Google Analytics Integration

Do you have an E-commerce site using Google Analytics? If so, we can add E-commerce interactions to your email reports. With this, you can see how much revenue is being generated with each email campaign.