Improve email marketing results

A high open rate is one of the top metrics to look for when sending promotional emails. Although improving those rates may sometimes be a complex task, we will give you some tips that will increase your rates in under 5 minutes.

1. Include facts in your subject line

Your subject line needs to accomplish 2 objectives: first, it needs to tell the recipient what’s inside. Second, it tells your reader what your content is worth reading. An easy way to do this is making your subject interesting by including a fact about your product/service/event. See some examples below:

Example A:

Regular subject line: Discover our new product.

Optimized subject line: Discover XYZ, available in stores starting tomorrow.

Example B:

Regular subject line: You are invited to our special event.

Optimized subject line: Your invitation to our XYZ launch event: Tomorrow at 10am.

2. (Correctly) Use a preheader

As you may have noticed, email clients usually show a few lines of text right after the subject. You should use this snippet to complement your subject line. In general, you may want to include a summary of your email’s content.


Good Email Preheader text

Bad Email Preheader text

Message 1: The first message in the example above shows a well-written preheader. It’s concise and complements the subject line perfectly.

Message 2: The second message show exactly what you want to avoid. Because this email doesn’t include a preheader, email clients will show the (boring) “View in browser” or, like in the example, “If you cannot see this email…” line. If you do this, you may as well send your email without a subject line too.

Adding a preheader is simple, just add a small block of text right after the body tag of your email, using something like this:

Copy to Clipboard
If you don’t want to show this line in your design, just hide it or match the text color with your background. Here’s an example:
Copy to Clipboard

Your pre-header content goes here[/fusion_syntax_highlighter]

3. Try a new send time

The day and time of the day can affect your open rates. In general, open rates are higher late at night and early in the morning. However, this is affected by other factors such as your industry and audience. This is why you want to experiment sending your emails on different days and times.

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4. Do A/B testing (constantly)

In A/B testing, you usually try 2 variables on a small sample of your subscriber list, and send your email to the rest of your list using the best performing variable (open rate in this case). The larger your sample, the more reliable your results will be, so this strategy works best with large lists. Even if your list is small, there is no harm in doing A/B testing.

You can A/B test your subject lines in all your emails. That way you’ll know that you always use your best subject line. You can also experiment changing delivery times and “From Names.”

Follow this these steps, and see how your open rates improve. Don’t want to deal with all of this? Let Elliptic Marketing manage your email marketing campaigns! Request a quote.