PPC Campaigns

By Sol Rivero

PPC advertising or Pay-Per-Click is a marketing tool that allows businesses to reach a potential customer base through paid ads in which advertisers pay for each click while being featured across the web.

Although it seems simple enough, PPC campaigns must be tailored carefully so they can be as effective as possible in order to satisfy the needs of your potential consumers.

Here are 4 tips for optimizing your PPC advertising keywords that you should keep in mind:

1- Research your possible keywords regularly

When starting your research for possible keywords, you can pen it down to two or three combinations that define your business and/or are inspired by what your competition is doing. However, that’s only the beginning. You should check out both your positive and negative keywords daily to see what your potential users are looking for. Change your strategy according to the information you get, and bid higher for keywords that are actually working.

2- Use long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords have been proven to be more effective when it comes to campaigns. Keep in mind that your users will be looking for something specific, so it’s more likely they’ll stumble upon your Ad if you are using “fashion hats made in Panama” than just “hats”. Choose relevant phrases with general and specific words, and study their effectiveness.

3- Consider your users

Is most of your traffic coming from mobile phones? Then don’t be surprised if your users are making typos when introducing their queries on Search Engines! Consider what your users are most likely to look for, where they are coming from, and create Ads with higher chances of reaching them.

4- Integrate them into the content

So you have chosen the perfect keywords for your campaign, but you aren’t using them in the handle, copy or landing page of your Ad. Big mistake! Once you have the perfect phrase, you should make sure it’s organically integrated to all aspects of your content in a SEO-friendly way.

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