By Sol Rivero.

At one point or another, every small business will stumble upon the phrase Search Engine Optimization or SEO, a common marketing strategy that ensures your website will be visible to your intended audience when they search for a particular keyword.

A savvy marketing team can help you perfect your site to increase its chances of being indexed. However, you should always keep an eye out for practices that might actually harm your website instead of helping it. Here are 3 common SEO mistakes you should avoid:

  1. Over or under using keywords:

    Once you learn about keywords, it’s really easy to think that the more you use them the higher your site will be ranked. However, the proper use of keywords depends on maintaining a balance: you should never forget to use them at least once, but you shouldn’t fill your content with it, unless you’re looking to be penalized and be ranked lower instead.

  1. Duplicating content:

    Are you copying texts from other sites? Or are you copying the same content over and over throughout your own site? It’s time to stop! Duplicated content is penalized by most search engines, and it can even lead to complicated Copyright battles if you’re taking content from other websites. Original content will bring confidence to your audience, and ensure a higher ranking for your site.

  1. Not optimizing speed and quantity:

    Are your high quality images looking great but taking a long time loading? You might want to check that! Search Engines take into consideration your site’s loading time, so it’s incredibly important to study it carefully. Make sure you keep it simple and easy to scan so you can avoid low rankings and an impatient audience.

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