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By Sol Rivero

As we have mentioned before in our review of the top SEO practices for 2016, mobile optimization has become a must for any digital marketing strategy. According to recent data, most users visit websites from their mobile devices, which are quickly taking over a considerable chunk of web traffic.

As screens get smaller, browsing becomes more difficult and capturing users’ attention turns trickier and much more critical. These are some of the best SEO practices to improve your site for ranking and mobile usage:

Improving your site’s speed

Modern consumers have a relatively short attention span, especially mobile users. If your website takes too long to load properly, people will dismiss it quickly, making you lose an important part of your audience. Speed is also important for ranking, so make sure your entire site’s content loads well and swiftly.

Keeping it simple and highlighting what’s important

Fully animated sites might look great on a desktop, but a mobile website must be modest and straightforward. The best SEO practices for a highly useful yet simple mobile site are:

  • Skipping Flash animations and pop-ups
  • Not overcrowding your mobile site with multimedia
  • Making it easy to read and understand
  • Investing in a responsive design

Making it easy to crawl

Web design isn’t only about looking good, but also about making it easy for Search Engines to crawl and understand it. When it comes to mobile, there are many aspects to consider: possible duplicate content penalizations, using the right redirects and meta tags, providing a mobile sitemap to avoid issues, etc.

Focusing on local experience

SEO practices must improve a site’s ranking, but also predict what the users’ aim might be. Mobile usage is usually directed towards local search, so prepare your mobile site accordingly by making use of services like Google My Business, and optimized metadata that emphasizes your location.


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