By Sol Rivero

Our favorite social media channels are changing and improving constantly in order to give customers a perfect and fulfilling experience. Advertisers must be ready to adapt their digital marketing strategies accordingly, and as a new year begins it’s time to take a look at the top changes that will influence what users see on these platforms.

Here are some Twitter marketing tips to get ready for upcoming alterations from this social network:

  1. Say goodbye to the 140-character limit

We have been hearing rumors about it since September of last year, and a few days ago the Twitter 10k hashtag invigorated the discussion: Twitter, known for its strict 140-character limit, might be considering to remove it entirely.

How exactly will it work? We can’t know yet, although the enlarged contend will probably be displayed through a “Read more” link or button.

Marketing tips for getting ready:

As the amount of text increases, it’s very likely visual content will capture users’ attention better. Start improving your content now with eye-catching visuals such as high-quality pictures, videos and gifs.

  1. Branded hashtags

Twitter is testing new ways for brands to interact with users, from “Buy” buttons to other types of interesting options. A new feature that might come in handy soon will be “conversational ads”, which include Call-to-Action buttons with hashtags and automatic messages sent to those who click on them.

Marketing tips for getting ready:

Get your users used to interacting with your brand through questions, quizzes, polls, hashtags and more.

  1. Turning followers into influencers

As presented at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016, Twitter is aiming at turning regular users’ content into ads, helping businesses employ user-generated content as a way of gaining validity.

Marketing tips for getting ready:

Create branded hashtags and invite followers to post their content online through regular contests.

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