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By Sol Rivero

So you have a business and you are ready to see your sales go up exponentially as days go by. However, something is wrong: the amount of transactions is either stalled or, unfortunately, decreasing. It’s time to give your promotion a boost with digital advertising!

To increase your sales using online marketing you must select strategies that can fit your type of business, stay within your budget, and be useful to your potential customers segment. A combination of two or more can increase your chances of conversion as long as they are used and monitored properly.

Some of the online marketing strategies that can help you increase your sales are:


as the name hints, this online marketing strategy consists in paying for leads who click on banners, links or Call-to-Actions that will take them directly to your website.

  • How to increase your sales: use PPC to promote your best deals, new products, services, etc. Learn more about it here.

Content marketing:

useful for branding and increasing leads, this online marketing strategy consists in creating and sharing content that will attract people from your niche market.

  • How to increase your sales: create attractive, branded content with a high potential for going viral, and include Call-to-Actions that take users to your site.

Link building:

a more collaborative approach, publishing and promoting links to your site from external referrals can help you increase leads and improve your site’s ranking by boosting its authority and validity.

  • How to increase your sales: create an attractive site that provokes conversion, and leave links where potential customers can find them.

SEO optimization:

a website’s ranking helps users find your business online, and it’s also capable of affecting a brand’s legitimacy among their niche.

  • How to increase your sales: monitor potential search terms, your site’s speed, meta-tags and other variables that affect UX and ranking in search engines. Discover some SEO practices you should use here.


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