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Improve your facebook page

By Sol Rivero

Video is the content marketing trend that is changing the world of digital advertising. Whether you have the budget to create video content regularly or occasionally, videos are perfect for inciting engagement and giving users the abridged information they need to know more about your small business.

Here are some ways you can use videos to improve your Facebook page and gain more leads:

  1. Create an introduction video

Want users to know what you offer and what makes your business unique? A great way to do so is to create a video that explains it and shows it.

An introduction video can improve your Facebook page by increasing confidence in your brand, and you can use it as a Featured Video, pinned publication or as a PPC ad.

  1. Optimize for SEO

Video is becoming important for SEO. Before creating your content, identify queries and keywords in your niche and use your content to answer users’ questions by integrating popular search terms to your video’s title and description.

Also, complement your video with a CTA and an attractive landing page for a higher chance of converting leads into customers.

  1. Make it entertaining and short

People have a very short attention span as well as busy lifestyles. To improve your Facebook page, make sure you keep your content fun, engaging, but also brief. Longer videos above 1 minute usually show poor completion rates, while short videos are more likely to be watched, liked and shared by users.

  1. Use livestream for special events

A new Facebook feature allows businesses to livestream videos for their users, as well as editing their content later to create an abridged version for those who didn’t see it live. If you want to improve your Facebook page by creating unique content, livestreaming special moments of your brand such as store openings or events you attend, can be a great way to engage users and make them feel involved with your brand’s story. If you are livestreaming, just be sure to use a PC with enough capabilities like hp zbook vs elitebook.

Looking for more ideas to improve your Facebook page? Get in touch with our experts for professional advice!

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Rolando Rojas

Rolando Rojas

Gustavo Rojas is a professional marketer specialized in digital marketing. He has led online marketing campaigns for multinational corporations in North America, Latin America, and The Caribbean.