By: Sol Rivero.

While the influence of social media in a site’s SEO ranking has been questioned for a long time, experts have discovered that great, optimized content across all your networks can help boost inbound links, site authority and lead people to your profiles so they can learn more about your brand, all of which can help your SEO.

Ranking algorithms change constantly, and in recent months we have seen a surge of social media content showing up among results after introducing a query in a search engine, which signals a rise in its importance.

Here are some social media marketing practices that can help you improve your SEO:

Use long-tail keywords in your title and/or description

Search engines are focusing on answering questions which can include several correlated terms. Make sure your content answers popular inquiries in your niche by including long-tail keywords in your copy.

Also consider image searches and add your keywords to the “alt-text” tag of your pictures, or to your file’s name.

Incite engagement

Creating content with a great potential to go viral is a popular social media marketing practice for improving your SEO, since it builds your authority and creates more links to your website. You can invite users to share your content if they consider it valuable, or create dynamics that can boost engagement for your posts.

This will help you gain more followers, and also create popular material that search engines will want to index.

Treat channels as Search Engines

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram… most social media platforms have an integrated search engine of their own. When planning your strategy for social media marketing, make sure you don’t focus solely on your website’s SEO, but also on having an optimized content and profiles in your networks so you can rank higher in each of them.

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