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Announcing Telecial: A Tool for Managing Social Media for Brands

By October 3, 2020No Comments

With so many tools to manage social media for first-party accounts, it is surprising that managing social media content for brands with retailers is so difficult. Brands often times have to scramble sending their images and videos to retailers using primitive tools like email, which makes the whole sharing process a pain for everyone.

To solve this issue, Elliptic Marketing is proud to announce V3 of Telecial, a tool to manage social media and digital assets for brands. For those new to it, Telecial is a digital asset management (DAM) platform creative especially for brand looking to share their social media content.


Telecial differs from other DAMs and tools to distribute social media assets in that it was especially created for brands and their retailers and focuses on social media assets.

A screenshot of a social media post created by a brand on

Some of Telecial’s main features:

  • Centralizes social media assets
  • Allows importing existing assets from Facebook and Instagram
  • Allows retailers to sign up for the platform and post brand content with one click
  • Keeps track of all interactions with content.

To celebrate the launch of V3, we are offering a 60-day trial for brands who want to put Telecial to the test. For more information, visit

Rolando Rojas

Rolando Rojas

Gustavo Rojas is a professional marketer specialized in digital marketing. He has led online marketing campaigns for multinational corporations in North America, Latin America, and The Caribbean.