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By Sol Rivero.

 Does your marketing strategy include social media? It should!

With about 1.7 billion social network users worldwide, a successful digital marketing strategy can connect you to a broad audience that’s simply ready to shop. More and more, ecommerce systems find new ways to integrate with the most successful networks, so if you are a small business it’s time to discover the best social media sites to increase your sales.

From Twitter to YouTube, every network has its pros and cons, but all of them are equally important when it comes to building a company’s image. However, these are the ones you should definitely focus on:

The best social media sites to increase your sales


Best for : driving traffic, encouraging orders.

How: according to Shopify’s study about Social Media and sales, Facebook is the best social media site for driving visitors to e-commerce stores (it’s responsible for about 60% of all visits). It also represents “an average of 85% of all orders from social media”, making it a successful platform for increasing your company’s sales.

Best content for this site:

  • Situational photos of your products
  • Advertise promotions
  • Viral content: quotes, content related to holidays, events, etc.
  • Articles


Best for: driving traffic, encouraging orders.

How: this social media site drives about 15% of all visits to e-commerce sites, and in some industries it’s responsible for an average order value that doubles Facebook’s. Like Instagram, Pinterest depends mostly on images, but it has the advantage of linking directly to stores, making it the perfect catalogue for small businesses. With the inclusion of Buyable Pins, it can also help produce sales directly from their site.

Best content for this site:

  • Lookbooks
  • Catalogues of your products (by season, situation, collection, etc.)
  • Do-It-Yourself and Inspiration


Best for: encouraging orders, creating a following and engaging users.

How: unlike other social media sites, it’s not easy to measure Instagram’s influence on social media sales. However, it’s known that this network has an engagement rate 15 times larger than Facebook’s, and according to Shopify it’s responsible or an average value order of about $60, only about $7 behind Polyvore.

Best content for this site:

  • Lookbooks of products in real life situations
  • Lifestyle content
  • Contests



Best for: encouraging orders.

How: although it represents only about 0.58% of conversion rates, this social media site is responsible for the highest average order of all networks (around $66.75), and drives about 20% of all social traffic. Small businesses focused in industries such as fashion, accessories and beauty will succeed in this social media site. However, content is mainly defined by users, so company’s must make their content easy to share and use by tailoring it to their potential customers.

Best content for this site:

  • Clean and simple professional photos of products. 


Best for: driving traffic, encouraging orders.

How: although it has been ignored for a while, its influence has only been expanding in the latest years, and nowadays Reddit’s average order value is around $53, only slightly behind the rest of the social media sites mentioned before. This network is perfect for redirecting visitors to your site, so make sure you include it in your social media strategy.

Best content for this site:

  • Links to articles
  • Links to products
  • Promotions and deals

What about the rest?

As you might have noticed, popular social media sites like Twitter, YouTube, Vine and Google+ didn’t make it in our top 5 of best networks for increasing your sales. This might be to different reasons: low average order value, low traffic percentage, etc.

You might wonder: should I ignore them? The answer is: no.

Remember that the former is a general overview of these social media sites’ ecommerce performance. However, it’s also important to consider building a following and reputation, as well as considering your company’s industry, since many of them will flourish in less known networks.

It all comes down to building the perfect marketing strategy tailored to your needs and your customers’.

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