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By Sol Rivero

As we reach the end of the year, marketing strategists must look back and check out the tactics used during this period to see what worked and what didn’t. Many changes occurred in 2015, and the features that define a website’s SEO ranking now differ considerably from the ones we knew and measured a few months ago.

To get ready for next year, we have compiled the top 4 SEO practices you must use in 2016 for a successful digital marketing strategy:

  1. Mobile optimization

More and more people access sites from mobile phones, as technology focuses on being wearable and compact. One of the SEO practices that will dominate next year will be creating perfectly responsive and optimized mobile versions of your site, instead of focusing too much on their desktop counterparts.

  1. Social media and off-site influence

SEO practices that focus on creating off-site inbound links will continue to be important, although these must come from legitimate sources of quality content, such as social media, reviews, brand mentions and guest posts. No more random link-baiting!

  1. Focus on users

Keyword-focused optimization won’t be enough anymore as new ranking properties take into consideration the relationship between different queries and users’ interests. The new trends point toward more user-friendly and interactive platforms, where content is defined by what the user needs or what Search Engines predict they might want to see. For that reason, smart websites must employ SEO practices optimized for achieving just that.

  1. Local-focused content

Search Engines seem to be privileging content focused on very specific geographic locations, ranking certain sites higher according to their users’ whereabouts. If you run a business directed at a detailed niche, using SEO practices focused on highlighting your location might help you reach your potential customers more effectively.

Which new SEO practices will you be using in 2016? Get in touch with our team, and get your site ready for the new year with the right SEO practices.

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