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By Sol Rivero

Creating amazing content, having a stunning website and gathering a small but faithful amount of followers are essential ingredients of any successful digital marketing strategy. However, potential growth will stall without working constantly on expanding your site’s visibility.

Link-building has been a long-standing yet effective SEO strategy that tackles this problem by helping small businesses extend their reach and help others discover it among the overcrowded net. However, bad link-building can result in a waste of time and resources, or even get you penalized!

Here are 4 tips for building inbound links efficiently:

  1. Choose sites wisely

Building inbound links is not merely about guest posting everywhere or pasting links to your site in every forum, no matter how obscure. The efficacy of inbound links depends significantly on the site’s importance and relevancy in your niche.

Make a list of influential sites that accept backlinks, and choose those with the best reputation to ensure your links last and grant you higher chances of being shared and clicked on.

  1. Build relationships first

Of course, getting your content in one of those most prominent sites might seem next to impossible. Sites with higher traffic and authorship receive far too many applications, so instead of focusing on getting your backlinks through regular channels, focus on getting in touch with the site’s managers and get the help of knowledgeable writers.

Relationship-building within any industry is as important as link-building, and will improve your chances of being noticed.

  1. Link to the proper page within your site

One of the most common causes of penalization is clumsily linking random, unrelated words to a site. Good inbound links must have an anchor text that leads to a relevant place within your site, that is also directly related to the text.

Always keep in mind the connection between keyword, handle and title: it might save you a lot of trouble!


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