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By Sol Rivero

Twitter is a great social media tool that has both the immediacy of a live feed and a ton of readers ready to consume a compact content tailored to their needs, wants and short attention spans.

We have tackled the subject before with 4 tips to improve your Twitter marketing strategy, and now we are taking a deeper look at the trends that will help you advance your strategy in 2016. Here are 5 Twitter marketing tips that will make your job easier:

  1. Keep an eye on current events

With the introduction of the “Moments” feature, Twitter timelines have changed by focusing in giving users a summary of the top tweets regarding important events and conversations. Marketers must now monitor content more actively and try to stay up-to-date to provide the most current information.

  1. Post directly on Twitter

One of the top Twitter marketing tips you must keep in mind is to be prepared for Twitter’s self-hosted media. As it strives to retain its audience, we will see an increase of images, gifs, videos and even articles that will be posted directly in the server, instead of leading towards external sites.

  1. Get ready to sell

Twitter has been testing the waters with “Buy” buttons, and it’s very likely small businesses will be able to sell directly from the site very soon.

  1. Local content rules

2016 will see the rise of local-focused content in most social media sites and search engines, so small businesses will probably have a better chance to reach their audience by directing their resources toward defined geographical niches.

  1. Direct messages matter

Don’t ignore direct messages from followers or potential allies. Social media works by building relationships, and a great way to do so is to be approachable and ready to answer your customers’ needs.

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