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By Sol Rivero

The accelerated rise of Instagram as a marketing platform has made many naysayers turn towards this social media network in recent years. Whether it’s focusing on user-generated content, or showing off their products, Instagram is very helpful for small businesses. But there’s a catch!

Unlike other networks, Instagram is not a link-friendly network, since it only allows users to have a clickable mention to their site on their profile.

Although it’s easy to get a “like” out of an audience, it’s the brand’s job to create a content that makes them want to visit their profile and click on the hyperlink. So how to do it effectively?

Essential steps for linking Instagram to your site

1. Create a custom landing page

Most brands place the general address of their website on their profile (e.g: However, just taking your users to your page can make them lose interest, since they’re probably looking for something specific: a product, contest, deal, etc.

Take into consideration the content you’re promoting and create the proper landing page to make sure users will stay and know how to navigate your site. It can be as simple as a page with the same look and feel as your Instagram posts, or something with clear instructions, information and featured product.

2. Connect it to a campaign

One of the main problems with Instagram is how to measure its influence, since it doesn’t allow you to pull specific statistics. A great way of doing it is to take the custom landing page you created and linking it to a Google campaign with the URL Builder.

Then, create a custom link that redirects users to the resulting link. Use a simple yet eye-catching word (e.g.: and every time someone clicks on your profile link it will be registered in Google Analytics. This makes it easier for you to keep an eye on your marketing strategy’s success.

3. Place a Call-To-Action in your posts

The final step is as simple as placing an invitation for users to check out your brand’s profile at the end of each post. Use intriguing or charming phrases: “Learn more”, “Discover more” or a straightforward “Shopping link at profile”, and use emojis to complement the message and add a little fun!

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