By Sol Rivero.

Although Twitter has been working for quite a few years now, its potential for advertising businesses and products remains somewhat a mystery, particularly for small businesses.

This social network is great for driving traffic and giving immediate information to consumers, which is why it’s widely recommended for small and large companies to have a working Twitter account.

But how can you improve your Twitter marketing strategy beyond sharing content from your other networks? Here are 4 tips to get you started!

Tips to improve your Twitter marketing strategy:

1- Choose the right content

Twitter works mainly as news feed by transmitting summarized information to its users. However, what kind of information should small businesses share?

Telling your customers that you have new arrivals at your store, or that you’ll be hosting a live party, are both fine news examples. But most companies don’t receive new stock or hold important events everyday, leaving them with a mostly empty Twitter feed.

Businesses should follow the well-known Rule of Thirds, which establishes that:

  • 1/3 of your content should refer to your brand,
  • 1/3 should refer to your brand’s area of interest, but from an external source,
  • and 1/3 of your content should focus on interaction with other users.

This simple system will ensure that your content is always balanced, and that your potential customers will not feel “spammed” by your company’s constant self-reference.

2- Optimize your content for a discussion

The main concept behind social media is interaction. This essential attribute implies that your content should always be ready for being shared, commented on or even rebutted.

Since Twitter gives you a limit of 140 characters, you should tailor your content so it’s around 100 characters or less. This way, when users retweet or comment your post, no part of your original content will be lost.

According to Twitter’s best practices, it has also been proven that Tweets that are shorter than 100 characters receive more retweets than those that don’t, so make sure your motto when it comes to this social network is: simple and short.

3- Create the perfect schedule

So you have finally gathered a considerable amount of followers, yet none of them seem to interact with your tweets. Why is it, and how can you solve it? Well, perhaps you are tweeting at the wrong times.

When planning your Twitter marketing strategy, it’s important to have a well-defined target audience, since this will help you understand your users better. Determining your potential audience includes studying their Tweeting habits: when are they on? When are they interacting with your content? What kind of material is attracting their interest?

Nowadays you can figure out the answers to all of these queries with free or paid tools which can help you define the best times to tweet, and how much to do so.

Once you know the best times to reach out to your audience, you can be ready by planning out a schedule and sending out your information when most of your users are available, although you must keep in mind that time zones will greatly influence your social media strategy.

4- Use hashtags and media –strategically

Two elements will surely increase your visibility in most social networks: hashtags and media, and Twitter is not different.

Still, when crafting posts, you should always test different combinations and see how your audience reacts to it. Perhaps you’ll need only one hashtag to get across the network; or you can send out a highly successful tweet without adding an image to it.

Instead of overdoing it with images and multiple hashtags, try different strategies and see which recipes work better for your company and your community. You might be surprised!

Part of the purpose of any effective marketing strategy is to create confidence and entice users, so keep your Facebook Company Page consistent, attractive and relevant.

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