By Sol Rivero.

A successful marketing strategy depends significantly on a company’s ability to create a great first impression, and although a post definitely carries a lot of the weight when it comes to your costumer’s initial reaction, the rest of your social media profile is just as important.

When users click on your profile, they should get an in-depth idea of what to expect from your company, and feel completely convinced about clicking on that “Like” button.

Today, we take a look at some features and tricks that can help you improve your Facebook Company Page so potential costumers feel motivated enough to join your store’s community.

3 tips to improve your Facebook Company Page

1- Use high-resolution and responsive images

It takes less than a minute to google the proper dimensions you must use to create the perfect cover picture or your profile pic, but it might take a long time to create a great image that is both attractive and responsive so it looks wonderful in every kind of device.

Make sure that you create high-resolution images with a fun yet optimized design that represent both your brand and your current campaign. Keep your content updated, clean and inspiring. These two images are the first two pictures your potential customers will see, so they must be both eye-catching and informative.

Some essential tips you must keep in mind:

  • Never use images smaller than the minimal recommended size, since they’ll look less than optimal.
  • Avoid filling your cover image or profile picture with text, since they’ll get distorted in smaller devices.
  • Pay special attention to the profile pic of your Facebook company page, and make sure it’s easy to understand and instantly recognizable.