By Sol Rivero.

Remember that time, not that long ago, when Instagram was looked down upon by social media marketers? Well, that time is gone! Instagram marketing matters, and in this article you’ll learn exactly why!

Nowadays, Instagram is an incredibly influential tool with the power to make or break your social media strategy. According to the company, about 70 million pictures are uploaded to this network every single day, and an average of 2.5 billion likes and 30 billion shares per day lets us know it has quite an active audience, waiting to be seduced by the proper content.

If you have never given Instagram a thought, this data might definitely change your mind!

Instagram marketing

  1. It changed the concept of product photography

Any expert in marketing will tell you that great photography is the key to attracting an interested costumer. Following a few simple rules can increase your sales exponentially: white background, several angles and proper framing can do wonders for your business.

While this remains true, Instagram has definitely shaken things up!

Nowadays, costumers want to see more than just a clean background and a product floating over it. Today’s costumers crave pictures that seem to be taken directly from real life, and that’s exactly what Instagram was created for.

If you own a small boutique, your costumers will be more willing to invest in it if you give them high-resolution photography of your products in different situations: from drinking a cup of coffee to going to yoga class. If you own a restaurant, pictures of happy clients and beautiful installations will push curious people to visit you, much more than a nicely written review.

Websites are even following Instagram’s trends. Visit any site and you’ll probably find one or two banners copied straight out of Instagram, not to mention the many invitations to share your content and be featured on your favorite store’s site.

  1. It has the power to create a community

In Social Media, interaction is everything, and luckily for big stores, Instagram provides instantaneous methods of communication: from a simple “like” to a short comment, it only takes a few seconds to let others know if you enjoyed their content.

Instagram is also perfect for local businesses. Say your company is located in Florida, and you’re thinking about concentrating your marketing strategy in Miami: through Instagram it’s really easy to find the perfect hashtags and discover users located in the area you’re interested in.

After defining your clique, you must concentrate in creating the proper content to attract this audience. Going back to our former example, a marketing strategy for Miami should concentrate in a bohemian, artistic style; and creating an atmosphere of almost-eternal summer. Pair it up with the proper hashtag, and you have a community right at your fingertips.

  1. It gives you the best publicity catered for today’s costumers

Instagram acts like a digital album of instant pictures, and the content created for this network often conveys effortlessness and spontaneity. For today’s costumers, born and raised in an extremely visual world, the possibility of creating high-res content of their own with a great chance to go viral, is extremely appealing.

Therefore, when visiting a new place or discovering a new product, it’s extremely likely that costumers will want to share it with others, especially when prompted to do so through branded hashtags and contests.

Instagram is the perfect network for receiving free publicity, especially for small and starting companies: with content that’s easy to make, tag and share, and a highly graphical spirit, it’s perfect for an audience that loves recognition and adores instant communication.

Whether your brand is small or already established, keep in mind that Instagram marketing matters. It might lack the ability to link directly to your store or products, and it might not be as easy to track as other Social Networks; but it has something far better: the ability to give your brand a place and a recognizable spirit in a highly competitive world.

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