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What’s the best time to send emails? (With data)

One of the most common questions we get at the time of sending an email campaign is “what’s the best time to send it?” Because of this, we conducted a study using data from more than 400,000 emails sent by Elliptic Marketing in 2014, taking into account open-rate and click-rate performance depending on the time and day of the week sent. Choosing the best day According to our data, the best days to send emails are Mondays and Wednesday. Although these results are based on many variables, we can assume that most users “clean” their inboxes during the weekend, leaving it open for new emails received on Mondays. For Wednesdays, the cause may be similar; by this time of the week users are mostly done with early-week emails, giving more attention to Wednesday emails. It is important to mention that these results contradict older trends that show higher open rates on emails sent only during midweek. The growing popularity of mobile devices has changed email opening behavior by making it more homogeneous. On previous years, higher open rates depended on the days on which users had access to their home or work computer. This is why most outdated studies advice against sending emails on weekends, when readers did not have access to work computers. Choosing the right time Unlike day of the week, time is a much important factor affecting open rates. Our study found that the best times to send emails are 7:00AM, 3:00PM, and 9:00PM. These results show that most users are opening their emails during their day breaks; right after waking up, after having lunch, and before going to bed. Most of these openings occur on mobile devices. Considering your objective Even [...]

Online Marketing for Small Business: The Ultimate Guide

Marketing is often one of the most confusing activities for business owners. This article provides an easy guide to online marketing for business owners.   With the vast amount of promotional options out there, it may be difficult to pick which is the best choice for your business. Online Marketing vs Traditional Marketing Traditional marketing, in the form of flyers, billboards, radio ads, TV ads, and others, has existed for decades. Traditional marketing has provided good results for decades. So, why are marketers and business owners abandoning traditional marketing for online marketing? The short answer is: online marketing provides, in average, higher returns on investment. Online advertising also provides more options for small and medium business. Choosing the right online marketing strategy Selecting the correct marketing strategy depends on several factors. This guide will show you which online marketing strategies you can use depending on the stage of your business. Stage 1: Brand Awareness Web Design What is it? Your website is the center of all your online promotion and will help you attract customers for as long as you own your business. If you don’t yet have a website, you can start with the most basic features and expand as your business becomes successful. Here is a list of pages that you may want to include: About your company. Product and Services available. Hours of operations and directions. Contact us. Appointment scheduler (if applies). Blog with signup form (optional but highly recommended). If your budget allows, you may want to add ecommerce capabilities to your site. This provides your business with an additional sales channel and will help you sell more. It also makes your business look professional as it [...]