My experience fostering a dog (off-topic)

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For many people, foster care for dogs or cats is not something they may usually consider. In this article, I’ll go into my experience fostering a dog and everything else that comes with it. Wait, why is this on a marketing blog? What is the foster care program? Sometimes when dogs come into a shelter, they may not be yet ready to be adopted. This could be for different reasons. Some dogs, for example, may have medical conditions for which they could recover faster in a private home than in a shelter. Other dogs may have behavioral issues (such as being afraid of people) that may require more individual attention than the shelter crew has time to provide. Some of these conditions do not actually make dogs unfit for adoption. However, they can make them harder to adopt by some people. For someone who is willing to make the life-long commitment of adopting a pet, picking a dog that is always hiding and trembling in a corner is not something most people would do. Let’s face it, everyone wants a cute and healthy pet. Foster parents take these dogs into their homes and they give them the attention and care they need so they become easier to adopt by someone else. Usually the foster period lasts only a few weeks.  Most shelters will cover all costs including food and supplies; foster parents only provide their time and home. My experience Meet Carmen After I decided to foster a dog, [...]