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What’s the best time to send emails? (With data)

By |January 4th, 2015|Digital Marketing, Email Marketing|0 Comments

One of the most common questions we get at the time of sending an email campaign is “what’s the best time to send it?” Because of this, we conducted a study using data from more than 400,000 emails sent by Elliptic Marketing in 2014, taking into account open-rate and click-rate performance depending on the time and day of the week sent. Choosing the best day According to our data, the best days to send emails are Mondays and Wednesday. Although these results are based on many variables, we can assume that most users “clean” their inboxes during the weekend, leaving it open for new emails received on Mondays. For Wednesdays, the cause may be similar; by this time of the week users are mostly done with early-week emails, giving more attention to Wednesday emails. It is important to mention that these results contradict older trends that show higher open rates on emails sent only during midweek. The growing popularity of mobile devices has changed email opening behavior by making it more homogeneous. On previous years, higher open rates depended on the days on which users had access to their home or work computer. This is why most outdated studies advice against sending emails on weekends, when readers did not have access to work computers. Choosing the right time Unlike day of the week, time is a much important factor affecting open rates. Our study found that the best times to send emails are 7:00AM, 3:00PM, and [...]

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How to improve your email open rates in under 5 minutes

By |May 6th, 2014|Email Marketing|0 Comments

A high open rate is one of the top metrics to look for when sending promotional emails. Although improving those rates may sometimes be a complex task, we will give you some tips that will increase your rates in under 5 minutes. 1. Include facts in your subject line Your subject line needs to accomplish 2 objectives: first, it needs to tell the recipient what's inside. Second, it tells your reader what your content is worth reading. An easy way to do this is making your subject interesting by including a fact about your product/service/event. See some examples below: Example A: Regular subject line: Discover our new product. Optimized subject line: Discover XYZ, available in stores starting tomorrow. Example B: Regular subject line: You are invited to our special event. Optimized subject line: Your invitation to our XYZ launch event: Tomorrow at 10am. 2. (Correctly) Use a preheader As you may have noticed, email clients usually show a few lines of text right after the subject. You should use this snippet to complement your subject line. In general, you may want to include a summary of your email’s content. Example: Message 1: The first message in the example above shows a well-written preheader. It’s concise and complements the subject line perfectly. Message 2: The second message show exactly what you want to avoid. Because this email doesn’t include a preheader, email clients will show the (boring) “View in browser” or, like in the example, "If you cannot see this [...]